Chhath Puja 2018 Songs

Chhath Puja Mp3 Songs Free Download by sharda sinha & Anuradha Paudwal

[Mashup] Chhath Puja 2018 Mashup Songs Download

Chhath Puja Mashup Songs Download : chhath puja is a prosperous day on which day we can play the list of mashup songs for chhath puja 2016 by sharda sinha and other famous singers, who gaved the hits for the chhath puja day. Chhath puja is a festival which is mainly celebrated in Bihar state with the faith and all get together to pray from God and thank God to provide survival on earth. If we think practically if there will be no sun rays than how we can live our life.
Chhath puja songs tell about the same story in the form of songs, i made a mashup song for chhath puja which have the story that if there will be no sun than plants will die, when plants will die then we will not get the oxygen and without oxygen and food we cannot survive. On this chhath puja we will take pledge to get together every year with the puja vidhi in which we bring the sugar cane leaves in tokri and other puja material near the river to start pray of sun by playing the chhath puja songs. Mashup are very long in duration and you do not have to change it again and again.
1 Mashup of chhath puja is more than 1 hour in length which will complete your chhath puja and your relative will give you blessings when you will play the heart touching chhath puja songs for your friends and relatives.


Chhath Puja Mashup Songs Download

Now we are giving you the link to download the mashup songs of chhath puja to bring the happiness in your home and life. Below are the hits songs mashup which you will surely like when you will play. As we all know about the finest singer shards sinha whose songs touches heart. Chhath puja is incomplete without the songs by sharda singh. So i mixed all hits of chhath puja songs to make these mashups . When you love chhath puja and songs then you will appreciate this collection of biggest singer who has sang the songs will full of emotions.
This was all mashups for chhath puja 2016 which now you can start downloading and if you like mashups by sharda sinha then share this article with your friends who also celebrate chhath puja to help then read about chhath puja and download mashups of chhath puja.

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